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GreenStuf® Thermal Insulation

Quality 100% Polyester Thermal Insulation for Ceilings, Walls, Between Floors and Underfloors.

GreenStuf® Acoustic Insulation

GreenStuf® acoustic insulation products are 100% polyester and designed to significantly reduce noise transfer between walls, ceilings and floors.

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Interior Acoustics

Quietspace® is an innovative range of high-performance acoustic control products made from recyclable 100% polyester. Using advanced fibre technology and processes, Autex has created a durable, good-looking product that allows designers real creative freedom and still delivers highly effective noise reduction.

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Carpet Suppliers

Autex are a leading quality carpet supplier in Australia. We most manufacture hard wearing non woven polypropylene carpets that suit busy areas, or for long lasting benefits in homes. Unmatched for durability and affordability, our carpets stand up to intensive everyday wear in even the toughest conditions.

All Autex floor coverings are 100% polypropylene, making them exceptionally resilient even in high-use and heavy-duty environments.

We work with architects and designers to make sure our carpets are both stylish and functional, and our noise reducing product background has helped us to develop our acoustic carpet ranges to a very high level of sound reduction performance.

If you are looking for a reliable Australian carpet supplier then contact Autex today.

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Autex's industrial division is dedicated to the development of a wide range of specialised fibre-based solutions, with applications particularly in the automotive, filter media and furniture industries.


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About Autex Australia

Autex Insulation is an Australasian manufacturing and product development company specialising in polyester insulation batts and other applications of advanced fibre technology. We are suppliers of a diverse range of consumer, commercial and specialty industrial products to markets all over the world. These include home insulation batts and leading acoustic insulation products suitable for residential and commercial properties.

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Distributors Update

Distributors Update

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